whenever possible I recommend implementing Asana.

there is no limit to it’s use, very easy to learn and best off all free for small groups with up to 10 users.

They label it “Teamwork without email” and I tend to agree that the email messages dramatically decrease. I like the task lists and the ability to quickly add, reshuffle and organize tasks.

“Asana puts conversations & tasks together, so you can get more done with less effort” and more importantly without interrupting your team.

The training videos are mostly “experience” videos instead of teaching how to use asana.

I like this approach, because I just explain the interface, show the videos and everybody gets it.

Asana is great for businesses of any size

I help businesses implement SaaS solutions and become more cloud friendly. It allows everyone on the team to access all the data everywhere and on any device. It reduces internal IT costs, improves communication and availability. Ultimately everything comes down to how people in the team interact and how the business uses the best available solution to become more productive. Best of all, a lot of the available solutions are easy to implement and extremely user and client friendly.
Clef two-factor authentication